Simon Design Engineering and Berlin Steel Construction partner to form HYBRID PARKING GARAGES





After years of independent and joint delivery of parking garages, Berlin Steel Construction and  Simon Design Engineering have combined efforts to form Hybrid Parking Garages.  Hybrid offers parking owners creative and alternative parking solutions focused on the delivery of real value and cost savings.  Since the Hybrid approach is not based on a pre-established system, Hybrid can focus on parking costs starting from initial planning and then match a specific solution to each client’s unique needs.

Working in conjunction with the owner’s design and construction teams, with all resources necessary within our control, Hybrid provides a systemized approach to parking based on their collective and deep understanding of materials.  Utilizing the best value that different materials can offer, Hybrid Parking Garages are more cost effective and durable than systems based solely on vendor manufacturing requirements.

Combining financial stability, $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Dollars) in bonding capacity, and the collective parking design and construction experience of our well established firms provides our clients with an economical, streamlined and frictionless delivery of their parking needs across all phases of project delivery.

Hybrid’s systemized approach to parking allows for comparative costing and easy contract terms.

Principals, David E. Hunt, Alan H. Simon and William M. Wieners lead Hybrid Parking Garages with vision, commitment and a sincere passion for the parking business.  They bring to the process deep respect for all project team members, and a firm belief that collaboration is essential to the highest levels of performance and the ultimate success of every project.


What makes Hybrid Parking Garages different is that we specialize in parking. We create quality parking for you based on your specific goals and with all of the resources in place for cohesive and seamless delivery.

If you have a new project, we can work with you from the earliest stages of concept and planning.

If you have a problem with an existing garage or a project in any phase of development, we can help you find a solution.

Regardless of your role on the project team, we will work with you in partnership to pin-point issues and accurately identify the right action plan.

With the ultimate goal of designing and delivering parking garages of the highest quality and long-term value, the Hybrid Parking Garages staff works closely with all team members – owner, architect, engineer, construction manager, vendor, consultant and operator.  Our experience has been that collaboration and a close alignment of goals, always yields the best result.  We value the input of all contributors to the process, ensuring that all key issues are uncovered and addressed.




Simon Design Engineering (Registered as a SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE) is a professional engineering services company focused on providing the latest in client focused concepts and solutions to Owners, Developers, Public Agencies, Architects and Builders throughout the United States. Our services encompass complete Professional Engineering Design Services. In addition to our traditional Design Services, we also specialize in the planning and Design for all types of parking concepts including automated parking facilities, free-standing parking facilities, integral mixed use parking facilities, and underground parking facilities. Utilizing the latest in integrated design technology (BIM) Simon Design Engineering focuses the skills and abilities of their team to create a distinct client focused professional service organization offering the latest in sustainable and green design solutions. READ MORE! at
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